About The Kind Mat by Vernice Vita

Thank you for the opportunity to share my specialty yoga mat with you. I truly believe it will impact your yoga experience in a positive manner.

Having grown up in North Carolina, I was not truly presented yoga until I was 22 years old. I moved to California 10 years ago. Ready for adventure, excited and homesick all at the same time, I wandered into my first yoga class. The rest was history. Of course, I started with a traditional mat. A novice to yoga (and California), but with a great amount of curiosity and willingness to learn, my practice started to flourish. I became dedicated to improving both my physical and mental strength through yoga. Each class presented me with new challenges, but my awareness of mind, body and spirit was growing.

Among all the benefits I was experiencing from my practice I was also tuning into some of the discomforts. In certain postures there were particular pressure points that needed extra comfort and support. I decided in order to keep progressing I needed to relieve this pain. I bought a piece of memory foam, cut it to size, and laid it on top of my traditional yoga mat. The relief was amazing. I felt a dramatic decrease in pressure on my hands, knees, elbows, and head, but I was still able to feel the flatness/stability of the floor. With no intention other than to improve my own practice, I kept my discovery to myself and continued on. I started realizing these pressure points were no longer hurting, my balance was improving, and my savansanas were more relaxing and beneficial. Six months later I had an "Aha" moment. If this concept had improved my practice this much, I knew it could do the same for others.

I originally designed this mat with no intentions of marketing or selling it. My only motivation was to improve my personal practice. I now feel I must share my mat and let others experience the same benefits. The name "Vernice Vita" (which is "Paint Life" in Italian) is a positive approach to how much more you can add to the world and the people around you when you're at one with your own mind, body, and spirit. Your mat is your canvas, so paint your practice and life how you see fit.



Racheal Ennis
Racheal Ennis is a devoted yogi and founder of the Kind Mat by VerniceVita

Bulk Ordering

If you are looking to purchase our mats for your studio or in large quatities, we offer bulk pricing, please send us an email here: contact@vernicevita.com