Testimonials from Teachers


Kumari de Silva
“Make this the first and last mat you ever buy!

If you are new to yoga, you will be pleasantly surprised by how much an efficient yoga mat kicks up your practice. The Vernice Vita yoga mat provides a stable, sticky surface. In a simple down dog, as you gently push your palms down, the mat presses right back! The memory foam padding provides just the right amount of cushioning, every time. No more messing around with blankets, towels or other removable props. This mat combines traction, density and padding into one fierce piece of gear.

For the seasoned yoga practitioner, you will discover support and integrity to enhance the most complex poses. As the surface reacts to the warmth of your hands and feet you are reminded where to bear weight and where to lighten up. I love this mat! In specific, it provides just the right amount of give for my wrists, hips and knees and far more stability under the arches of my feet than a 100% rubber mat can. Thank you Vernice Vita! ”

Kumari de Silva   — Professional yoga teacher, owner kumaridotcalm.com

Tina Foster Yoga Teacher
“Nowadays, I only practice with Vernice Vita yoga mats– the Studio mat for active practice and the Cadillac for restorative and yin. Also, I lay them out for private clients before they arrive to my studio. They light up when their feet hit the mat. The texture is luxurious and smooth. The cushioning is really soft but firm enough to support balances. Their floor traction is solid, they stay dry and they’re lightweight. I'm amazed at the leap Vernice Vita has made in the evolution of yoga mat design.”

Tina Foster   — Yoga Instructor & Mentor

Bridgitte Kouba Yoga Teacher
“The Vernice Vita ‘Cadillac’ mat is pure luxury. It's the preferred mat for my private clients who often need a little extra relief from joint pain and perfect for my Restorative and Yin Yoga students. The memory foam allows the body to surrender and feel supported on the floor, which is ideal for more relaxing practices. The comfort of this mat really allows you to release and let go.”

Brigitte Kouba   — Yoga Teacher & Self-Expression Facilitator

“Absolutely amazed! I purchased for a student who suffers from joint pain and was so happy that she could actually do a complete class without any adjustments. 'Oh we're going to be such good friends' she said to the mat. :) I can tell you that I absolutely want another one that I can keep at home for my own practice.”

Stella    — Studio Owner in the Netherlands

Lauren Peterson Yoga Teacher
“Sirsasana in Sapporo Park, (yes where the beer comes from) on my Vernice Vita yoga mat. I've been using the mat for my ashtanga practice. I know there are some ashtangis who love the super thin mats. Now in my mid-fifties, (and having lost a bit of padding myself), I like the cushioning and don't have a problem balancing. It's also super light, which is nice for traveling.”

Lauren Peterson E-RYT 500   — International Yoga Teacher, The Yogi's Companion

“I have found the perfect yoga mat”

Julie Hunicutt   — Yoga Instructor

Kreg Weiss Yoga Instructor
“With my personal practice being filled with tons of floor based asanas, this mat immediately became a true winner. I normally practice with two staggered mats – single layer at the front for the hands and standing poses, double layer for the rest the practice area for cushioning. The VerniceVita mat, with its' unique memory foam layer, provided fantastic comfort while avoiding excessive 'sinking' and compression (ie hands in Downward Facing Dog). The outer layer provided just the right amount of 'yoga grip'. I expected that the multi-layers would make this a heavy mat, but in fact, it is very light weight and easy to carry.”

Kreg Weiss    — Yoga Instructor

Kreg Weiss Yoga Blog

“The innovative memory foam found in the VerniceVita yoga mats, has eliminated discomfort in any posture, allowing me to teach and practice with greater connection and flow. VerniceVita mat's are invaluable to my daily practice; It is as if I'm practicing on a cloud.”

Christine Bullock    — Pilates & Yoga Instructor

“I LOVE using this mat for my restorative practice because the soft texture and cushion allows me to literally sink down into gravity and let go of built up tension in my body and mind. It feels like the mat is receiving your weight rather than the mat pushing up against you.”

Yvette Hamaya    — Yoga Works Instructor

“VerniceVita eels luxurious! I practice everything from vinyasa to hot to restorative and this mat is fantastic in any and all situations. I can practice on any type of surface, with this mat I get the cushion I need for my joints, but I still feel grounded and connected to the Earth.”

Vivian Nguyen    — Hot Yoga, Flow, and Power Yoga Instructor

“As a Yoga instructor I have sampled numerous types of Yoga mats. And I have to say the VerniceVita mat is one of the most durable and comfortable mats there are on the market. This mat is an excellent choice. I highly recommend this mat for all level Yogis.”

Szymon Wojcik    — Yoga Works Instructor

Testimonials from Yogis


Jarret Stoll practices with a Kind Mat
FOX Sports West's Alex Curry spent a morning at the yoga studio with Jarret Stoll practicing with a Kind Mat.
Watch the full video here


“My practice had become more pain than pleasure, no longer a sanctuary. From the moment I stepped on this mat my practice was transformed. Two simple but heart-felt words: THANK YOU!”

Lorie Marsh    — Yoga Student

Maria with Daily Downward Dog
“My downward dogs are now done on a VerniceVita three-layered yoga mat and my wrists have never been happier. And i'm here to tell you that I've never felt more stable and grounded on a yoga mat.”

— Daily Downward Dog Article

Read the full article here: Dailydownwarddog.com


“LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Great cushioning. No slip (which is my number one problem). VerniceVita is the BEST mat and I can assure you (and others will back me up on this) I have tried them ALL. So happy!!”

Laurie Urland    — Pilates & Yoga Student

Paula Apro YodaDudes
“In one word, VerniceVita is AMAZING. I just couldn't get over the complete transformation in my routine.”

Paula Apro    — YogaDudes.com Blog



“I am blown away by the quality, feel, and something words are unable to express of the Vernice Vita yoga mat!! The mat is extremely well made! While I have owned it for less than a day, the construction of this mat reminds me of Tumi luggage (known for lasting a lifetime), and I fully expect this yoga mat to last for years [or in the case it doesn't I will update this review accordingly].”

Rudy   — Amazon.com Review

“I've only had the chance to use it once - but I already know this is the mat of my dreams!! This is exactly what I would have designed, thank you for making this amazing mat. I think it will change my yoga life!”

Jen Morton   — Yoga Student

“When using your mat I had NO problems with slipping, even during a Vinyasa Flow class where I tend to sweat a lot. Also, the comfort level of the mat is great. Before, when doing any pose that would require my knees on the mat, I would have to "double up" the mat by folding it over. With the VerniceVita mat I didn't have to do this because its offers ample cushion for such poses. It is also perfect for Savasana because it really allows you to get comfortable. ”

Tanis Alexander    — Yoga Student of 6 years


"I LOVE using this mat for my restorative practice because the soft texture and cushion allows me to literally sink down into gravity and let go of built up tension in my body and mind. It feels like the mat is receiving your weight rather than the mat pushing up against you. I also use it for my Ashtanga practice and still love it for the feedback it gives me about the weight I put down into the mat."
— Yvette Hamaya
Yoga teacher of 10 years

The Earth Matters

The Kind Mat and VerniceVita are dedicated to building quality yoga products with a mind to environmental responsibility and product integrity.
  • PVC free
  • 25% natural rubber in each mat
  • Recycled packaging
  • Ethically manufactured